5 Types of Gabion Solutions for River Training

What is river training?

River training is a process that involves the manipulation of a river’s natural flow, depth, and width to mitigate the risks associated with flooding, erosion, and sedimentation.


Gabion Solutions for River Training

Gabions are environmentally compatible and a proven solution for river training as it blends in with its surroundings.

Gabions can be used to construct various structures, including weirs, groynes, and revetments, to control the flow of water and protect riverbanks from erosion.

In this article, we will explore African Gabions’ solutions for river training, or hydraulic restoration.

Why are Gabions so effective for rivers?

Gabions are wire mesh baskets that are filled with stones.

  1. Gabions are ideal because they are permeable, allowing water to flow through them, which reduces the pressure on the structure and minimises the risk of failure.
  2. They have become increasingly popular in river training because of their cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly nature.
1.     Longitudinal protection with gabion gravity walls
  • A form of erosion control that involves the construction of a series of gabion baskets along the length of a riverbank or coastline.
  • The gabion baskets are typically filled with stones, creating a barrier that protects against the erosive forces of currents
  • Particularly effective in areas where the riverbank needs to be stabilized
2.     Gabion Weirs
  • Gabion weirs are structures that are placed across a river to control the water flow and reduce the risk of flooding
  • In a mountain reach and in a medium valley reach, the installation of weirs may be required to reduce both bed slope and solid transport
  • They are durable, flexible structures that are easy to install
3.     Gabion Groynes
  • Gabion groynes are placed perpendicular to the river’s bank to reduce erosion and sedimentation
  • They are designed to stabilize the riverbank and prevent the formation of sandbanks
  • They are also environmentally friendly and can promote the growth of vegetation
4.     Channel Linings
  • Channel linings provide light protection, stability and create ideal conditions for natural regreening of riverbanks
  • Reno mattresses offer numerous benefits over traditional concrete channel linings. One of the biggest advantages is their flexibility, as they can be easily adapted to suit the specific needs of a site. They also provide a natural-looking solution that can promote the growth of vegetation and provide habitat for wildlife
  • Our experience has proven that the mattress thickness has the same effect as a loose stone layer 2 or 3 times thicker
  • Geosynthetic mats are an alternative for light protection that promotes plant growth
5.     Bridge Protection
  • Gabions can also be used to protect bridges from erosion caused by river currents and floods
  • When a bridge is built over a river, the riverbed around the bridge piers and abutments can become vulnerable to erosion due to the changes in the water flow
  • Gabions can be used to protect vulnerable areas by creating a protective wall that can withstand the erosive forces of the water

African Gabions Solutions used for Rivers

African Gabions are made from high-quality materials that withstand the force of water flow.

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The Cost of Gabions

Gabion structures are cost-effective compared to traditional concrete structures. African Gabions’ gabion solutions are designed to last for decades and require minimal maintenance, which makes them a cost-effective solution for river training.

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