Gabions – How Do They Work?

Basically, gabions are strong wire baskets that are filled with rocks and installed to strengthen slopes. Gabions are used by contractors and engineers, especially in countries like Ethiopia and across Africa, where soil erosion and landscape stability are significant concerns. Gabion structures or walls are known to last over 100 years. It’s hard to believe

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How To Install Gabions

Gabion baskets and Gabion Mattresses are transported to your job site in folded “flat packs”. This makes the most sense, as it makes them more economical to transport. You will need to assemble and install the Gabions at your site. This article explains, in technical detail, how to install Gabions successfully. This technical guide is

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Bio-Engineering Techniques for Soil Erosion

This article is for anyone who is concerned and interested in the protection and mitigation of ecosystems, especially engineers, landscape architects, biologists and soil conservationists. It illustrates the compatibility of incorporating environmentally sound concepts into the design of engineering solutions. Important: It must be stressed from the onset that any soil bioengineered technique adopted, must:

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