Gabion baskets

Product Description

The Gabions are baskets manufactured to EN 10233-3 with hexagonal woven wire mesh type 80, commonly referred to as double twist wire mesh. 

The steel wire used in the manufacturing of Gabions is 2.7mm in diameter and is protected by heavily galvanizing or zinc alloy coating Galfan (Zn95Al5) suited for structures in dry areas and low aggressive environments.  

In hydraulic or highly aggressive environments, an innovative coating, Polimac®, is extruded over the galvanised wire to provide added protection to be able to reach design life of more than 120 years.

 Gabions are modular units 0.5 and 1m high, with diaphragms spaced at metre centres ensuring higher stiffness of the structure, environmentally friendly, and used as mass gravity structures and erosion control protection in hydraulic applications, able to withstand water velocity up to 8m/s.  


Gabion baskets are delivered flat packed.

Once on site, they are filled with stone and laced tightly closed using hand tools. They are simple to assemble and provide long-lasting effectiveness.

Gabions are available in various sizes (measured in length x width x height).  No wire  is included for lacing, bracing and binding of units.  It is recommended that you include binding wire at 10% of the unit weight (to the same specification) in your cart. 

Technical Data Sheets