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BioMac® is a biodegradable short-term erosion control blanket manufactured from randomly arranged coconut husk fibres layered between photosensitive polypropylene netting to produce a coir mat.

BioMac® CC45’s three-ply composite provides immediate erosion control and a stable medium to support healthy plant growth.

BioMac® is used for erosion control and revetment protection to assist in the establishment of vegetation on slopes, high rainfall areas and ditches, and water courses with low energy flows.

Biodegradable within 2 years.


  • Biodegradable products are used in areas where soil erosion control is vital.  For example, slopes and embankments that have been freshly seeded for plants or grass, or riverbanks that have been excavated and lost the plant life that used to maintain them.
  • After a period, post installation, the product naturally degrades as the plants or grass take over the soil erosion control function.
  • This ensures that no damage is caused to the topsoil by wind, rain, or surface run-off and that plants and grass have time to establish.

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BioMac CC45 Erosion Control Blanket


2 X 50m

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