Green Terramesh®


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Green Terramesh® is manufactured using double twisted wire steel mesh wire Galfan and Polimac® coated to satisfy a design life of more than 120 years with no creep strain deformation.

After more than 30 years on the market, Green Terramesh® has been successfully used in major projects around the world, effectively solving clients’ challenges in both civil and mining works up to a 100m sloped.

For higher structures, Green Terramesh® partners well with our Geogrids.


  • The preassembled unit allows for rapid installation as the face includes a welded mesh panel and erosion control blanket.
  • The units are installed using preformed triangles to fix the facing slope angle up to 70 degrees.
  • The front face requires topsoil to enhance the growth of vegetation, while engineering backfill shall be placed to ensure internal stability is of the soil mass.
  • Green Terramesh® installation is fast, and the vegetated face allows an environmentally friendly retaining structures which can be blend in with the surroundings.


Green Terramesh®  is available in 1 standard size. This ensures they remain economical and retain maximum tested strengths for the best reinforcement results possible.

No wire  is included for lacing and binding of units.  It is recommended that you include binding wire at 8% of the unit weight (to the same specification) in your cart.

Technical Data Sheets

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Galfan Polimac Coated 2.73 – 3.7mm


3 x 3 x 0.6m

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