Lacing And Bracing Wire


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Lacing operations are required for all:

  • Gabions
  • Reno Mattresses®
  • Terramesh® System units
  • Green Terramesh®
  • Reinforced Ecologs

Sold in 25kg rolls (10% of the unit weight is recommended for lacing, bracing and binding of units).

Alternatively, Galfan (Zn 95Al5) coated steel rings can be used instead of lacing wire as shown on the product Technical Data Sheets under Lacing operations.


  • Binding wire has a wire diameter of 2.2mm diameter and is purchased in the same specification as the double twisted mesh.
  • Galfan (Zn 95Al5) coated steel rings: Diameter: 3.00 mm; Tensile strength: > 1720 Mpa; Pull-apart strength > 2.0 kN. Please contact us directly for rates on the rings and tools required for using the rings.
  • Preformed bracing wires with a wire diameter of 3.4mm in the same specification as the units required can be purchased for higher finishing (prevention of bulging) of the facing of Gabion and Terramesh® System units.  These can be purchased individually with a recommendation of 4 pieces per sqm of front face.
Product Class

Zinc Lacing Wire Uncoated 2.2mm, Zinc Lacing Wire Coated 2.2 – 3.2mm, Galfan Lacing Wire Uncoated 2.2mm, Galfan Lacing Wire Coated 2.2 – 3.2mm, Zinc Bracing Wire Uncoated 3.4mm, Zinc Bracing Wire Coated 3.4 – 4.4mm, Galfan Bracing Wire Uncoated 3.4mm, Galfan Bracing Wire Coated 3.4 – 4.4mm

Unit Of Measure

kg, Each